An array of fashionable jewelry to enhance your look. Match our pieces to your favorite inspiring shirts, jeans, and outerwear to create an "Inspiring Confidence" outfit that is you!
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Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings
$8.00 USD
Mandala Inspired Tear Drop Hook Earrings
$7.00 USD
Chain & String Beads Necklace
$10.00 USD
Faux Leather Metal Hoop Earrings
$10.00 USD
Matte Finished Resin Pendant Necklace Set
$13.00 USD
Silver Crystal Flower Metallic Wired Necklace Set
$20.00 USD
Crystal Bejeweled Necklace Set
$18.00 USD
Crystal Bib Enamel Collar Necklace Set
$17.00 USD