About Us

Our Mission:

ToriLorain Apparel glorifies God through Christian-inspired apparel and accessories that uplifts and encourages women from all walks of life.

Our Story:

TorilLorain Apparel was started by two friends wanting to reach out to women by spreading messages of inspiration, motivation, love, and hope through Christian-inspired apparel and accessories. Our graphic apparel has messages that speak to women at any stage in her life. We all have gone through many things, we all at some point, gave words of encouragement to someone else. We all have told some or all of our stories that truly inspired someone whether we realized it or not.

As women, we need to be there for each other, to motivate and encourage one another. There are so many ways to do that, such as writing a letter, sending a kind email, texting a message and most definitely wearing a message. You may never know how the message you WEAR can change someone’s thoughts or mood for the better.

We will close for now by saying, “We at ToriLorain Apparel embrace you with LOVE!”